Get Involved

We invite anyone and everyone to take part in this unique opportunity to support local food production. Your participation with the Co-op can take many forms, limited only by resources, ability and imagination! Here are some suggestions:


  1. Join our events and activities! We have activities planned throughout the year, and many are free or by donation. These events are great ways to familiarize yourself with the farm and the things we do. There are often many informal goings-on that you are welcome to attend such as weeding the garden, helping out with sheep-shearing etc. Volunteers are always welcome!

  2. Make a donation of goods, services, or dollars. Donations can be made directly to the Horse Lake Community Farm Co-op. Although we are set up as a Co-operative business, we are still far from being able to create profit. Our current expenses include mortgage, property taxes, and farm improvements (such as wells, fencing, etc). Our income is generated by the sale of shares, fundraising activities, rent, and donations.

  3. Become a member by investing in a share of the Co-op. We have currently sold 50 out of 200 possible shares. Membership shares are valued at $5000.00/share. As a member of the co-op and co-owner of the farm, you will benefit from many opportunities, including opportunities to:
    • support of community-focussed, small-scale agriculture,
    • participate in organic and sustainable farming practices,
    • access farm produce,
    • contribute your ideas for events, products, and other economic ventures which fall within the farm objectives, and
    • participate in agricultural and ecological educational events held at the farm, as well as host your own.


Make the Horse Lake Community Farm Co-op your farm!

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